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Wet Edge
Wet Edge Technologies™ an innovative company specializing in providing the finest quality interior pool finishes and related products for the swimming pool industry.

From the picturesque Andes Mountains to the gorgeous shores of New Zealand, WetEdge Technologies™ uses aggregates obtained from around the world for their stunning beauty and high quality. These beautiful and vibrant-looking stones created by Mother Nature have been selected only after years of intense exploration and mineral studies. Through this experience, WetEdge Technologies™ is able to achieve a more pleasing appearance due to the meticulous consideration that is paid to the precise gradation of the pebbles.

Primera Stone, Pearl Matrix, Satin Matrix, Luna Quartz and Altima are considered by many to be the most, beautiful, long-lasting and trouble free pool finishes available today! Our objective is to provide the finest quality products that exceed all industry specifications.

Why use WET EDGE?

SunStone - Transform an ordinary pool into a work of art‚ with SunStone® exposed aggregate pool finish. This remarkable formula will add a sparkle to any pool—and yet it’s as hard and as tough as any pool surface available today.

SunStone® is a combination of durable quartz aggregate and enhanced Portland Cement, accented with Colored Quartz Aggregate aggregate. The result? A magnificent pool finish that not only looks great but resists the effects of degradation. SunStone® is ideal for pools, spas and water designs in any environment.

Sunstone Select SunStone Select® is the world’s most beautiful exposed aggregate pool finish. This premium-quality formula delivers outstanding color and luster to any pool. SunStone Select® is a unique combination of the earth’s hardest, longest-lasting materials—durable quartz aggregate, enhanced Portland Cement and accentuated with Colored Quartz Aggregate aggregate.

Built For Looks… Built To Last… Built For Fun…
Customize your pool with SunStone Select’s® variety of colors and textures. Wear-resistance makes SunStone Select® a must for heavily used family pools, specialty pools and commercial installations.

Sunstone Pearl - SunStone® Pearl is the world’s most exquisite swimming pool finish. This unique new finish combines delicate, hand-selected pebble aggregates with reinforced White Portland Cement. The result is a pool finish that feels as smooth as the surface of a precious pearl.

With the durability of the materials we use, this luxurious finish will continue to refresh and soothe for years to come. SunStone® Pearl is truly one of the most beautiful and time tested surfacing formulas ever created. A technological advance in natural beauty.


Make your pool a work of art with Hydrazzo's luxurious marble pool finish! Hydrazzo combines naturally beautiful coarse graded crystalline and colored marble. The secret to Hydrazzo is the final step: polishing the surface to a brilliant luster, unlocking the marbles natural beauty and extraordinary strength. A silky smooth texture combined with the proven durability of exposed aggregates are two prime features of the Hydrazzo finish.

MULTICOAT Scratch Kote is a super bonding latex modified cementitous coating which forms a hard rough-textured base coat, securely bonding to a properly prepared pool, spa or pond substrate. MULTICOAT Scratch Kote provides an ideal surface to which new pool plaster will firmly bond by both mechanical and chemical means. It is similar to gunite in both appearance and function. Scratch Kote eliminates chip-outs, brown coats, etc. and minimizes down time. MULTICOAT pioneered the Scratch Kote remains the premier system in use today.